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Queensland Epidemiology Group

Co-Convenors: Tracey Di Sipio and Mathias Seviiri

The Queensland epidemiology group (AEA Qld) is the AEA Chapter for Queensland. Each year the AEA Qld Committee organises a number of local meetings for Queensland-based AEA members, epidemiologists, public health professionals and students. Past meetings have included seminars, discussion forums, expert panels and a hypothetical. AEA Qlds role is to provide opportunities for networking and meeting other members as well as encourage professional development and information sharing.

All Queensland-based AEA members are automatically added to our e-mail list for notification of local events and activities. Anyone can join and/or participate in AEA Qld events (you don’t have to be an AEA member). Anyone interested in participating in AEA Qld activities or wanting to be added to our e-mail list is encouraged to contact AEA Qld at

You can also get in touch with AEA Qld through our Facebook page (just hit the ‘like’ button). AEA Qlds Facebook page shares information on AEA Qld events as well as other local health related events of interest.

Epi Masterclass on Causal Inference with Ellie Murray - Part I

Epi Masterclass on Causal Inference with Ellie Murray - Part II


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