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Survey Methods Special Interest Group

Survey Methods Special Interest Group: (Survey SIG)

Convenors: Tim Harrold and Susan Clemens.

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The Survey methods special interest group (Survey SIG) was endorsed by the Australasian Epidemiological Association in September 2017.

The formation of Survey SIG recognises that surveys are a critical component of epidemiological data collection. To maximise efficiency and productivity, survey methods must continue to evolve and innovate in response to rapidly changing telecommunication, survey and digital environments.

The aims of the Survey SIG are to provide a platform for:

  • Advancing survey methodology across the continuum of measurement, implementation, analysis, interpretation and translation of findings.
  • Maintaining the rigour of survey methodology through the application and understanding of data quality standards.
  • Identifying and engaging in opportunities to better measure health risk factors, conditions or outcomes and to better analyse relationships or associations between these measures to inform health policy and practice.
  • Collaborating with researchers in related disciplines to optimise or improve methods and measurement for specific research topics.
  • Providing and obtaining expert advice regarding technical challenges or complex issues that arise in the course of conducting or analysing surveys.
  • Contributing to discussion regarding the accurate measurement and reporting of survey data against health guidelines and broader performance measures.
  • In partnership with relevant stakeholders, advocate for system-level improvements to advance survey methodology.

The Survey SIG seeks to develop a broad network of expertise and encourages participation of epidemiologists and others across various survey methodology issues. To express your interest in joining our mailing list, please contact the convenors at smsig@aea.asn.au.


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