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Australasian Epidemiologist issue 23.1: Teaching Epidemiology

This issue’s theme is Teaching Epidemiology and Biostatistics, ably moderated by guest editor Professor Catherine Bennet of Deakin University. This last issue is an appropriate one to go out on, the Round Table focusing on how we can convey our accumulated knowledge on epidemiology and biostats to the next generation of public health scientists. It’s of a similar theme to our previous issue on Communicating Epidemiology, where authors discussed how to disseminate our knowledge to the greater public. Indeed, these are all of a common stripe with the mission of this journal, to communicate knowledge and findings regarding epidemiology research in Australasia with the greater public. While the present form of the journal must cease, the mission of the AEA continues and no doubt the great work of all the epidemiologists and biostatisticians of Australia, NZ and the Australasian region will continue well into the future.

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