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1 Year Full Membership (recurring subscription)

1 Year Full Membership  (recurring subscription)

Email Bulletin - A fortnightly email bulletin is distributed to all members and provides notices of official AEA business and information on relevant employment opportunities, training courses, workshops and conferences. It is used as a method of contacting members to request their involvement in a variety of activities, and recently included a membership survey.

AEA Annual Scientific Meeting –The annual AEA scientific meeting provides a forum for workshops and presentation of papers and posters related to epidemiology and biostatistics. Members receive discounted registration fees at the annual scientific meeting.

Annual Awards - Many annual awards recognising excellence and or supporting development and career progression. Such as the prestigious Early-Career Workshop, conference awards for students, Mid-Career International Travel award, Mentoring award, Life-Time award.

Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) –The AEA encourages and supports the establishment of local epidemiology interest groups to undertake ongoing collegial activities such as training or mentoring. These local chapters are usually State based, or SIGs that are focused on a particular theme of epidemiology.  Local events may organise social meetings or talks for example.

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